well, it’s been a long time

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted!!!!

I have to admit it has been an interesting year so far … we have all sorts of stuff going on and I kinda wish I could just hit the reset button. The year started out promising and then, BAM! COVID19 hit. Yea us (not). Everything I had booked cancelled under fear of infection and then I was required to shut down since photography studios were not considered ‘essential’. *sigh* I never thought I would be thankful for the retail job that was more for my health insurance was going to have to pay the bills and the company (Best Buy)  was deemed to be ‘essential’. At least that meant that I still had money coming in. And their reaction to everything was pretty decent, they could have just said forget it and shut down completely but they came up with a plan of action and stuck with it (and as far as I know, no other retailer actually paid employees for a month at their regular rates until having to furloughing folks). Of course, bills still kept coming in, the main bank that I use for the studio (PNC) was very understanding and actually helped by pushing back due dates on everything I had with them. Being basically a solo person business, meant that I didn’t qualify for the PPP stuff so them working with me was a big help.

So, since I wasn’t working for FastCat Studio for several months due to aformentoned situation, what was I doing when not at Best Buy? Did actually record several songs with the band I’m in, remotely and the main singer mixed everything together. Built a guitar and am now trying to learn how to play it. Rode my motorcycle. Talked to the cats. Read a few books. Worked on several paintings. Hopefully I put together a blog post or two on that stuff.


Meanwhile, I am working on a plan to get some more of the art stuff out and getting people to start thinking about photography for their businesses again. Talk to ya later, peace.

magnolia and bee